Full Love,Romance and Tears for Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend has released this week, Starring by @ArjunKapoor(Madhav Jha) and Shraddha Kapoor(Riya). Half Girlfriend is full of myth about the Single Sided love with happy ending of this movie.

Synopsis: This story is full of Romance between Madhav Jha and Riya who is played by Arjun Kapoor and Sharddha Kapoor. As Usual, Story is based on the poor guy and Rich and topper of college girl who slightly hate relationship due to her parents relationship.
Madhav Jha fall in love with Riya from the first day. Riya married another girl and Madhav dedicate his life to fulfill her mother dream. But some incident happen Riya again come back in his after her divorce and wanted to live with him. But due to some consequence  , She left Madhav again and lost in world. Rest of the story is a mixture of Madav's dream and finding Riya to come back in his life.

Opinions: Music is good and heart touching and relevant to sequence of movie. Movie played in flashback where we are listening and no one is speaking.In last we have a deep love and sympathy for hero of this tale. Audience wait for decision of heroine in climax of movie. Acting of dumb bihari boy by side of english Arjun Kapoor is good, He looks so much muscular and does not look like a young college boy and Shraddha Kapoor looks so pretty.

After watching this movie you will fall in love and eyes full of tears.



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