Simple,Sweet and Romantic-Meri Pyaari Bindu

This Friday Meri Pyaari Bindu has released in theater across India starring with Ashumann Khurana and Pariniti Chopra, Directed by Akshay Roy.

Synopsis:- Story is based on a B-Grade writer Abhimanyu(Anshuman) and his neighbor cum friend Bindu(Pariniti Chopra). After writing too much different type of horror novel like "Chudail ki Choli" he got a contract to write a love story from a publisher. He is unable to complete hi novel after 2 years so return back to his native place Kolkata. Here the movie starts with flashback of Abhimanyu and Bindu.
Bindu is bindass girl want to become a singer but failed all time. Abhimanyu proposed her to get marry but she choose second for her singer dream and moved to Bengaluru after so much struggle she married to a Nayyar and Become Bindu Nayyar.

Opinions About Ending:- Ending is good but no so common as bollywood drama movie.

Opinions About Music:- Movie have 2-3 songs but all are not so good and lyrics so bad. Last song of movie is good.

Opinions about Cinematography:-  Movie plays in flashback of year 1980-2017 but use the vocabulary of 2017 in 1980. Getup of actors are not like Kolkata traditional style.

Opinions about acting: Anshumaan and Pariniti do good job for their character.

You can watch this movie if you really fed up of Bahubali-2 fight scene and viral summary over social media.


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