One Plus 5 fail to make something new

Finally, One Plus 5 unveil in an online launch event on official you tube channel. As rumors again become true, most of specs of this flagship leaked out on internet. Most Interesting feature of this one plus Dual Camera with 16mp+20Mp setup to get 2X optical Zoom and for book-eh effect.

After listed its specs, you can not say that it is a flagship. Dual Camera setup is not a new specs, as we know that improve setup is also launched by Apple in last year in iPhone 7 plus. Most of camera feature is copied from iphone 7 Plus like portrait mode..

Second is design, Bezel-less is design in trending for smartphone but presenter waste more than 10-15 minute to describe its design and big bezels. But bumps of dual camera setup has reduced in One plus 5. Overall design is copied from iphone 7 Plus.

One Plus have good charging support, compare to iphone and Samsung S8 with its dash charging. If you are an one plus user, dash charging is not new for You. One plus have big battery approx. 3300mah.

One Plus 5 is a budgetry flagship for who want good specs in low price.One plus smartphone always get lag in display or charger, may be this giant will not show this type problem. Oneplus 5 have RAM of 6/8 GB, It is a clear indication that devices is not well optimized. Samsung and one plus 5 have 10nm technology but have big difference of RAM in between.


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