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Top News Tech News( Apple Growth, Lg V30+, InDisplay Finger Print Sensor)

Lets Start today tech news with In- Display finger print sensor-

In Display finger Print Sensor Mass Production- 

As you know that finger print security is one of easy to use security feature which is used in Smartphone. But due to big display, most of smartphone maker replace it back side of smartphone. Now finger print will come in front of smartphone with In-display finger print sensor which is basically based on IR sensor. Synaptic, a California based mobile component manufacture announced to start mass production of In-display fingerprint sensor.
New LG V30 and V30+-
Today LG launched another flagship smartphone with Plastic OLED display. LG is only smartphone in which OLED display is used since 2015. Specification:- Snapdragon 835, RAM-4GB, STORAGE-64GB/128(V30+) , Rear Dual Camera(16mp(f/1.6) +13mp(f/1.9), front Camera(5mp) Cosr: Rs.44990

Apple Slowest Growth- Apple started slowest growth this year while Apple launched most expensive smartphone this year for Rs. 1,02,0000 of iPh…

Honor 8 Pro- Reason Buy or Not to Buy

Huawei launched its new phone called Honor 8 Pro which is another version of Honor 8. First of All Main specification of Honor 8 Pro

Dual Camera Setup with one monochrome lens

1. Display: 5.7" QUAD HD Display
2. RAM -6GB
3.Storage-128 GB
4. Battery:- 4000mAH
5. Processor- Octa-Core- Kirin 960
6.OS: Android 7.0
7. Camera -12MP+12MP (dual Camera Set with one lens is monochrome)
 8. Price: 30000 in India which may go down soon

Guys, There are key specification of Honor 8 Pro. This is a good alternative of One Plus 5 with this price range.

Why should you buy this Honor 8 Pro?

  • In this price range honor 8 pro is giving you a good of option of QUAD HD display with vibrant color options.
  • This device is available in 128GB which is sufficient for moderate user who always want to save media in phone. You get around 109GB free for your usage and also a memory card slot in hybrid sim tray.
  • Processor KIRIN 960 is manufactured by Huawei and used in HONOR 8 pro, it is quite possibility that KIRIN 960 is fully and well optimized with Android 7.0. KIRIN 960 use its all hands by good optimization.
  • Camera of honor 8 pro is different from rest of industry due to monochrome lens. You can get two creative option by this in black and white photography or low- light photography. Huawei promises that monochrome lens help to get great click in low light.
  • Price of good and tight for this segment which can compete One plus 5. 

Why should you not buy this Honor 8 Pro?

  • Display is QUAD HD but IPS LCD. If you are fan of AMOLED than choose one plus 5
  • Snapdragon 835 is latest and popular in those days, if want third party chipset which is used in One plus 5 and any other alternative you can not buy this honor 8
  •  If you want a camera centric phone than this phone is not for you. Honor 8 pro is made for rough and tough use. Its camera have aperture of f/2.2 which may not perform very well in low light or artificial light as one plus 5 which have f/1.7.
  • If you have extra money to buy One Plus 5, Just but One Plus 5. 


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