Honor 8 Pro- Reason Buy or Not to Buy

Huawei launched its new phone called Honor 8 Pro which is another version of Honor 8. First of All Main specification of Honor 8 Pro

Dual Camera Setup with one monochrome lens

1. Display: 5.7" QUAD HD Display
2. RAM -6GB
3.Storage-128 GB
4. Battery:- 4000mAH
5. Processor- Octa-Core- Kirin 960
6.OS: Android 7.0
7. Camera -12MP+12MP (dual Camera Set with one lens is monochrome)
 8. Price: 30000 in India which may go down soon

Guys, There are key specification of Honor 8 Pro. This is a good alternative of One Plus 5 with this price range.

Why should you buy this Honor 8 Pro?

  • In this price range honor 8 pro is giving you a good of option of QUAD HD display with vibrant color options.
  • This device is available in 128GB which is sufficient for moderate user who always want to save media in phone. You get around 109GB free for your usage and also a memory card slot in hybrid sim tray.
  • Processor KIRIN 960 is manufactured by Huawei and used in HONOR 8 pro, it is quite possibility that KIRIN 960 is fully and well optimized with Android 7.0. KIRIN 960 use its all hands by good optimization.
  • Camera of honor 8 pro is different from rest of industry due to monochrome lens. You can get two creative option by this in black and white photography or low- light photography. Huawei promises that monochrome lens help to get great click in low light.
  • Price of good and tight for this segment which can compete One plus 5. 

Why should you not buy this Honor 8 Pro?

  • Display is QUAD HD but IPS LCD. If you are fan of AMOLED than choose one plus 5
  • Snapdragon 835 is latest and popular in those days, if want third party chipset which is used in One plus 5 and any other alternative you can not buy this honor 8
  •  If you want a camera centric phone than this phone is not for you. Honor 8 pro is made for rough and tough use. Its camera have aperture of f/2.2 which may not perform very well in low light or artificial light as one plus 5 which have f/1.7.
  • If you have extra money to buy One Plus 5, Just but One Plus 5. 


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