Know Your Smartphone Camera Before choosing anyone

Presently I am using Samsung S7 edge which have 12mp dual pixel sensor. Recently, One plus launched new one plus 5 with dual camera setup of 20mp+16mp . Camera is impressive but did not get so much attention of camera reviewer. Another two camera phone also launched with  dual Camera setup one is Lenovo K8(13mp+5mp) and Moto G5s(13mp+13Mp). Here I am discussing some key factors by which you can choose you smartphone camera easily.

Every smartphone or DSLR camera have consist following things:

1. Aperture
2. Sensor
3. Megapixel
4. OIS and EIS

Smartphone do not have variable lens that's why Smartphone have fix aperture. Samsung, Moto G5 Plus have maximum aperture that is f/1.7. Aperture is opening of lens by which light comes through. More light provide more bright picture. Light also control by shutter speed by which you can control by third party app or pro mode if your manufacturer provide the same.

2. After aperture, Sensor and sensor size plays an important role in quality of pictures. Smartphone have small size sensor and DSLR have big size sensor. If you get a 20mp smartphone camera and 20 mp DSLR click a different quality pictures due to sensor size. Smartphone camera have high pixel density due to this noise increased and detail can not be identified in zoom and cropping. 

3. Third and most important is megapixel, megapixel means one million pixel. If you have one mega pixel camera, it means that one million pixel present in sensor of camera.  
  •  Role of Megapixel- It is a myth that more megapixel creates more quality in pictures. Megapixel creates resolution, more resolution means more big picture. If you have more mega pixel that you can print big picture. According paper calculation, You can print A4 Size paper by just 6mp camera. For a pro photographer, who want to print photo, they should also know about the megapixel importance. Megapixel become more important when you want make picture from picture by cropping small object from big images.  If you have good resolution with more megapixel then you can print you cropped photo without any distortion or fuzzy.
If you don't know S6 have 16mp pixel and S7 have 12mp with bigger sensor size. iPhone 5 which established iPhone as a camera phone have only 8MP.

checkout example in low/artificial light condition

Calculation of Resolution and Print Size:- If want to print a photo on 5"X7" then your resolution must be of 1500X2100 for 300ppi(pixel Per Inch) which can be obtained by just only 3mp Camera.

OIS and EIS- OIS stands for Optical Image Stabilization and EIS stands for Electronic Image Stabilization ! OIS is hardware which is found in flagship devices, it is hardware setup by some mechanical component which control the shaky moment of camera and click stabilized photo. EIS is software part which stabilized photos and videos during the processing of images and videos. Apple used OIS in iphone 7  and 7 plus before it they were are using only EIS.


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