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Top News Tech News( Apple Growth, Lg V30+, InDisplay Finger Print Sensor)

Lets Start today tech news with In- Display finger print sensor-

In Display finger Print Sensor Mass Production- 

As you know that finger print security is one of easy to use security feature which is used in Smartphone. But due to big display, most of smartphone maker replace it back side of smartphone. Now finger print will come in front of smartphone with In-display finger print sensor which is basically based on IR sensor. Synaptic, a California based mobile component manufacture announced to start mass production of In-display fingerprint sensor.
New LG V30 and V30+-
Today LG launched another flagship smartphone with Plastic OLED display. LG is only smartphone in which OLED display is used since 2015. Specification:- Snapdragon 835, RAM-4GB, STORAGE-64GB/128(V30+) , Rear Dual Camera(16mp(f/1.6) +13mp(f/1.9), front Camera(5mp) Cosr: Rs.44990

Apple Slowest Growth- Apple started slowest growth this year while Apple launched most expensive smartphone this year for Rs. 1,02,0000 of iPh…

Most beautiful photo taken by me in Low Light Condition

Low Light and Monochrome Conditions

Low and Artificial Light  checkout the color saturation

if You checked previous one then check out the background which is just changed by light orientation

background is fully developed by auto light of light source

Extremely zoom capability and sharpness

how real the flower smiling is ! in such a dark room

ये सिर्फ एक कैमरा नहीं है पिछले दो साल से सारी कंपनियाँ इसका मुकाबला करना चाहती है सैमसंग को दिल #से धन्यवाद पैसा वसूल फ़ोन बनाने के लिए ! #S7edge


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