Starting of Cheap Bezel Less Smartphone

As You know that , Now the future of Smartphone is in bezel less display and dual Camera Setup. Recently Lenovo and LG has launched its new Smartphone K8 Note, Moto G5s Plus and Q6, consisting of those features.
K8 note and Moto 5S plus have dual camera setup and LG Q6 play the card of bezel-less display. LG launches its new bezel-less full vision Q6 in Just 14990. As you know , Samsung S8 and LG G6 also having bezel less display which worth of more than 40,000. Definitely , There is no doubt that , both smartphone have high end Shipsets and LG Q6 have old chip-sets. Before commenting on LG Q6 , Just Checkout the Specification of Q6:

Display- 5.5inch(78% Screen to body Ratio)
               Full HD and Full Vision Display without and Protection
RAM- 2GB, 3Gb, 4GB, for 16GB,32GB AND 64GB
Camera:- 13MP, f/2.2 and 5MP f/2.2
Chipset- SD 435, Octa-Core
OS- Android 7.1

As we know that LG G6 is totally fail in Indian as well worldwide due high fluctuation in price by LG. It is up to customer, what will they choose? Whether they will go for bezel less and dual camera setup. If you are searching of dual Camera Setup then definitely go with Moto G5s plus  because  K8 Note is a multimedia phone not a camera centric phone.

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