Are you fool or iPhone User? Decide

I was an Apple Fanboy and used two variant of Apple i.e. Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 7Plus. This year also Apple also released new iPhone X and Called "Smartphone of Future". 
This year is also special for Apple because, Apple has integrated all famous technology in new iPhone X such as Glass body, wireless charging, water resistant, dual camera setup, Augmented reality and many more. If you think that all things which done by Apple this year all are new than you are a big bhakat of "Apple".

Apple's product is rely on "First Invention myth", Apple fanboy thinks that it is done by Apple first time. Apple launch iPhone 5s with touch ID but this is not right that it is developed by "Apple". It is first time introduced by "Thosiba" devices.
Apple also launched this year "wireless charging " which introduced by LG in Nexus in 2013 and later S5 by Samsung. 
Apple's App store have more Application than Google's Play Store. But Google Play Store is free to use and most the application is free which Apple's App is not accessible freely or without monthly/quarterly subscription. 
Apple's smartphone is known for its camera quality but on paper camera specs there is a big lag between Apple and other. Apple introduced OIS first time in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus before it they are using only software stabilization. 
Apple's phone so much bulky than any other premium Android phone. Most of the people ready to buy iPhone 5S and ready to upgrade iPhone 5S due to iPhone is very costly device and it takes a lot years to cover its cost. You can watch people who are using iPhone 5S but they can not upgrade because they purchase it around more than 50K. 
Every year Apple launch its buy back program to upgrade iPhone purchase your device within 20% of its original value and grab 80% for your up-gradation. Apple's service can not repair device but they suggest to replace your device around 20000-30000. 

Now Apple is like a "Polish Apple" which only Shine but it is only "ball of foam". 

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