Does Really a Modi's Goverment worthy?

Modi's government start with a dream and ray of Hope called "Acche Din Aane Wale hai". From the Starting Modi's government started to manage system as they want? They initiate transfer and posting of officer as they want. Modi's government is working with aggressively. Practically, most of work done by Modi's government is very good. In the short, First I listed out some outstanding plans which was announced by Modi's government-

  • Everyone Should have bank Account:- I personally agree that everyone should have an account that's why as per Modi Ji demand, bank introduce a universal new product that is PMJDY(Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana) account. As per data of PMJDY website around 30 crore account has opened under this scheme.One .03% contribution is done private sector bank.  

 After implementation of PMJDY scheme, working men power of public sector bank got collapse. They are just busy to print passbook or resolving their personal issue. Most of the people does not know the different entries of passbook, they always fight for some minor issues. It is a question of money, everyone is ready to fight with staff. After may 2014, recruitment in public sector bank is very slow and nearly negligible.
PMJDY scheme may become worthy but slightly it become a loss making machine to bank. Bank charges for ATM to their general account holder minimum Rs.100+TAX(Rs.118) but in PMJDY is free of  cost. Public sector banks and RRBs issued around 22 crore debit card, for them yearly rental 
levied Rs. 2200 crore and slightly says it is bearing by bank's profit. As year passes, this number will increase. PMJDY is profit cutter for bank's profit.

  • Swachh Bharat Mission- It is another promissory mission start by PM Modi's Government. It is very ambitious project of government because before GST we are paying extra tax for this mission. It is also another bullshit by central government due to non-visionary plan for this cause. During 2016-17, I have paid more than Rs.10000 for Pizza and Rs.30000 for mobile bills, as per rate of .15% Swachh Bharat Cess, I paid for it cause Rs. 60 in a year. After introducing GST, sanitation services are bearing 18%. GST is not only with sanitation services but with sanitation product. Due to this, Sanitation services has become costly. Swachh Bharat mission just focus on construction of public toilet, household toilet and solid waste management. But public toilet is a bad idea, because Public toilet is made with 5 year maintenance contract. Public toilet is not a usable thing and it also depends their maintenance and safety concern. Swachh Bharat Mission is not talking about sewage problem in India. As you know that Sewage problem is very big in India. I am living in an approved colony, paying house tax but does not hold sewage pipe line in my colony also near by colony. Every house own their underground sewage tank which demands periodical cleaning. This type of tank polluted underground water as time passes. Government also giving subsidy for household tax around Rs.12000 in rural area. is It really possible to build a household toilet where is no proper sewage arrangement. In my point view, Government should dissolve "Nagar Palika" and "Nagar Nigam" because they are just collecting tax machine without providing proper household facility and initiate selling of waste to proper management of waste. Government should initiate and invest in waste management company which can proper use household wastage in making fertilizer, plastic recycle.  In the Last, I will say government is busy to making toilet not is sewage management. 
  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana - PMMY is another a good game with bad rules. PMMY is a good scheme but its implementation is very bad. First takes an example, I want to start tailoring work from my house. What do I need? A sewing machine, some thread roll and miscellaneous item. Cost of good sewing machine around (Rs.5000), some thread roll and misc.(total invest Rs.1000)  and daily expenses (Rs.300 or Rs.6000) and other expenses(Interest of bank) and contingency funds(Rs.2000). Total expenses for a month around Rs.8000. Total capital Investment -Rs. 5000. Grand Total of Expense for first month- Rs.13000. Now takes a look earning from this work, For I earn from my first month order around Rs.15000 what will be my next step to low the EMI. Banks charged interest on daily reducing balance, my focus should be on transaction must be rooted through my CC account so that I pay low interest as I can, second pay EMI on proper manner so that any penal interest does not charges. But this is a hypothetical situation or called exception in banks or specially Pradhan mantri Mudra Yojana due to promotion by Prime Minister Modi Ji, People thinks that It is provide by Government does not need to pay back. I will say that It is a bribe to people of India who are Jobless and helpless. According to Minister Piyush Goyal, people who lost their Job in "NoteBandi" they start their own business under PMMY. PMMY is unsecured in nature, borrower have no such pressure to repay the amount. PMMY is also different in nature, There is a lot program to provide funding for start their own earning sources, a most famous is PMEGP. PMEGP is one of program which is approved a committee headed by District Officer. As we know that, BANK is suffering a lot of loss due to this program because it start with government. Soon , I will show the loss suffered by PMMY to the public sector bank. In the future, bank's officer will busy to follow the Rs.500 EMI and lapse in big fish.
  • Pradhan Mantri Social Security Scheme-India really needs this type social security scheme, but personally, I will say that It is also not so much good it can. Every bank is selling accidental insurance by collaboration with general insurance companies. They force the people to engage with these type of scheme. But Pradhan Mantri Social Security Scheme is Voluntary in nature. Most of people, who subscribe PMJJBY and PMSBY, they all have good saving and good understanding financial products. But people who really need these type of scheme, they just avoid to invest Rs.330 in this futuristic product. A common labor class person, if expired in an accident, there is no one who can claim their insured amount due to lack of knowledge. It can be compulsory by linking with Aadhar and mutiple way to collect premium so that subscription can be expired. Most of subscription become lapse due to funding arrangement at the annual day. Govt. collects tax in different ways, Why do they not arrange different way to collect policy premiums.  Frankly, Modi's government  is like a artificial fruit basket, which be decorate on dining table, but we can't eat. After "NoteBandi", most of worker become JobLess, due to most of factories have shrinked  due to funding arrangement. In Uttar Pradesh, mining activity is banned by NGT, most of daily worker are JOBLESS now.  How will they pay their premium ? It must be a responsibility of Insurance company that they will take care of premium and sum insured payment. In the last, It is also fund collecting machine from the poor people.
  • Crime and Corruption : It is a topic of outside but definitely will say that their is no change in corruption in BJP govt. I will talk next on this issue.
  • Govt. Of Industrialists-  Because I am working in bank, I can say that this government is like a mosquito who is just sucking our blood. BJP government is ready to introduce new Labor policy which change the entire labor Law and Labor right as a human being. As an Human being, I am taking extra work, then I must pay for that work. But, bank employees does not get any single penny for their hard work for all government scheme which is implemented by banks. 
  • Who Got "Acche Din"?-  Their is only three people, who got "Acche Din". Number one is Mr. Amit Shah who get set charge free by CBI court in a short span of Time. Secone one "Sadhvi Prachhi" who is charged as activist in bomb blast and third is Mr. Yogi Aadityanath who also become charge free from the different cases. Their is also many cases which did not come in lime light.


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