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One Plus 5T
Now the entire mobile industry does not have so much option to create #somethingnew in your Smartphone. In Starting of this 2017, Samsung launched its new bezelless design and start the war in the segment of design. After that many brand launch their big display smartphone. At the end of 2017, #oneplus also launched its new big immersive display smartphone called #oneplus5t. Tonight in an event of New York, One Plus reveal  their new product called OnePlus5T. 
Good Display
Big and Immersive display with aspect ratio #18:9 is a key feature of One Plus 5T. It is an upgraded version of OnePlus 5 which was recently launched. One Plus 5T having Full AMOLED optic display which can adopt light from ambient as required in full light environment or day light.Display have 1080X2160 resolution and 401ppi.
Improved Camera
One Plus 5T having dual-camera setup and same mobile platform (Snapdragon 835) as One Plus 5. OnePlus 5T have improved camera setup with 16 MP primary camera(f/1.7) and 20MP telephoto lens (f/1.7).  Due to big aperture, you can click brighter photo but it may quite challenging in portrait mode due zero difference in aperture. 
Face Recognition
 As a flagship Killer, One Plus 5t also have face recognition technology to unlock phone which is more fast than iPhone X and more accurate than any other phone face recognition technology.   

Oxygen OS
 Company has improved Oxygen OS  and soon will provide Android OREO in early 2018.  

Killer Price
As One Plus5 launched with over price deals, One Plus 5t also launched on same price segment but OnePlus 5T provide better deals in (Rs.32999 for 6GB+64GB) and (Rs37999 8GB+128GB)

You can check the full specs of #oneplus5t here and if you want to buy it checkout here.


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