Top TechNews (Facebook and Whatsapp, Airtel Licence, Samsung S9, Digital India)

Lets Start with Facebook and Whatsapp,

Whatsapp Advertisement-

As we know that Facebook has grabbed Whatsapp and introduce new app for businesses called "Whatsapp Business". After starting a lot of step to promote business on whatsapp through facebook. Now You can share Facebook posts, messages, images to your Whatsapp contact. Soon you will be ready to watch advertisement in your Whatsapp. Presently these updates will be available for USA,europe.

Airtel E-Kyc License-


UIDAI received complaint against Airtel payment banks that their Bhrati Airtel outlet are opening saving account while their are linking their mobile number with Aadahar without their concern. Presently Airtel payment bank is only which is giving you 7.50% interest rate on their saving bank account.

Tango Shutdown-


As most of smartphone are based on Augmented reality,Google is going to shutdown their Augmented Reality Project "Tango" because it demands high quality camera which is not cost effective. While Google Pixel 2 also provide Augmented Reality features.

Samsung S9 Launch Date- Samsung ready to launch its new flagship in early 2018. It is quite possibility that They will launch their device in February 2018.

Digital India-   As we know that government has initiated a lot of steps to promote Digital transactions but transactions is not going so much smooth as they can. Hence government is ready to bear MDR upto Rs.2000 which is presently bear by merchant.


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