Top Tech News 11-12-2017( Mi 7 and Mi 7 Plus, Oreo Go, iPhone Xc,Samsung S9)

Today is most exciting day for technology lover. Lets take a look of gist of today tech world. Let's start with Xiaomi Mi 7.

What's new in Mi 7- If you are lover of flagship killer, you always missed wireless charging features in all flagship killer. But Xiaomi has come back with feature in Xiaomi mi 7. Xiaomi mi 7 will another milestone in history of flagship killer. Let's take a look of its leaks specification, It will come with latest snapdragon 845 which will provide more space to do more, dual camera and bezel less display. It is quite possible that it will fill the space of iPhone X.

Secure in dark with S9- Samsung is only manufacture which is giving a lot of security feature in their phone like iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, face recognition while iPhone X have only Face scanner.  As per new leaks about S9 will capable to recognize in dark by your iris scanning.
Google Oreo Go- Most of budget smartphone are working always on old version of android due to less specification to handle latest version of operating system. But Google latest product may solve this problem with Oreo Go. Oreo Go is made for that smartphone which has less than 1GB of RAM and dual core processor.  Oreo Go will consist of light version of Google app to work flawless.  Visit here for more Oreo Go

Google had also launched Android one program to promote pure android experience but it fails.  Most light version of Google apps available like Google Go, Youtube Go, Files Go, etc. You can work this app fast.

New iPhone XC-   

As Apple iPhone X is out stock, Apple is ready for iPhone Xc which must be cheaper than iPhone Xc. It looks a like iPhone X but will be cheaper due to screen size and changes in its hardware specification. iPhone X have 3d face recognition, dual camera and A11 bionic chip to handle this work. iPhone Xc will be able to save your a lot of money.


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