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Five Things to remember before buying a Smartphone

Now Smartphone market is rapidly changing. At least, After two years, every smartphone become ancient piece of metal and glass. Now I am talking about some cool things which you can keep in mind before buying or selecting a Smartphone. Budget- Frankly speaking, Now a days budget segment is very tight to choose best smartphone in comparison of durability of smartphone. If you are thinking to keep you smartphone for at least 2-3 three years, then I will suggest you that you should spend at least Rs.20000+ on your smartphone. You can also get some interesting cool features in less than Rs. 20K but you will not get a capable hardware to handle these specs. Now a days, Oppo and Vivo are spreading everywhere and most of the people are criticize their handset because their cost is not worthy. You can get a better hardware in a price of Vivo V7/V7+. Common Usage/MultiTakser- After choosing you budget, now choose your work and usage of Smartphone. When you decide your core usage of your smartp…

S9/S9 Plus Full Specification


S9 and S9 Plus ready to launch in Mobile World Congress 2018. As per leaks and latest available in technology. We are giving you possible S9 and S9 Plus Specification:

  • OS- Android Oreo
  • CPU- Snapdragon 845
  • Metal Frame Glass Body 
  • Super AMOLED 5.8inch 
  • Aspect Ration-18:9
  • 4GB/8GB
  • 64GB Base Storage with Dedicated expandable slot upto 256GB
Security Features
  • Face Recognition
  • IRIS Scanning
  • Finger Print Scanner
  • Pattern Lock
  • 12mp Rear Camera
  • 8mp Front Camera 
Camera Features
  • Camera can record extreme slow motion video with more that 700fps.
  • 4k Recording possible on 60Fps
  • Low Light Shooting will Enhacne
  • For S9 - Rs.54000
  • For S9 Plus- Rs.58000


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