Top challenges before Xiaomi Mi 7 to Compete iPhone X


In 2017, Apple launched iPhone X and tagged as a "Smartphone of future". By Introducing iPhone X, Apple started to provide OLED display and wireless charging to their customer. In 2017, No one manufacturer beat design of iPhone X, in the post I will tell you top 5 features that will be challenge to any android device to beat iPhone X.
  1. Full Screen Edge to display- While Xiaomi has already build a Full display screen smartphone called Mi Mix. While there is a lot that will be desirable in Xiaomi display, Apple iPhone X have OLED display which is brightest one in market.
  2. Camera Position- Front camera position is a dilemma for every manufacturer while Xiaomi mi Mix appears that it does not have front camera because Xiaomi Mi Mix have front camera in bottom that's why user must rotate phone to use front camera. iPhone X have small notch which have front camera position and other sensor.
  3. 3D Face recognition- iPhone X is only phone that have only 3D face recognition technology to unlock devices. While Samsung S8, S8 Plus and Note 8, One Plus 5T have also face recognition technology but some user have passed to failed these camera sensor by 2D face and photos.
  4. Dual Camera Setup- iPhone X is only phone which have 60FPS on 4K recording capability. If you want to shoot with specification then you must buy a new GOPRO 6. Apple makes a remarkable changes in camera processing software. Apple have dual camera setup with DUAL OIS which makes it best in the class. While NOTE 8 have also dual camera setup with dual OIS but its bokeh effect does not beat iPhone X.
  5. Processing and Performance- This is USP of Apple devices. While most of devices have 8GB of RAM in devices, Apple is using on 3GB RAM in iPhone X. Apple have most compatible software with its hardware. Apple have lowest battery power in class which have maximum usage due to best RAM and power management in their devices.


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