Top Tech News (Nokia 9, Xiaomi Note 5, Facebook Face Recognition)

Redmi 5 plus leaks

Xiaomi Note 5! No More?- Xiaomi has launched Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus recently in china with bezel less screen in budget segment. Xiaomi Fan community has discussed that specification of Redmi 5 will be very similar to Note 5. There is lot of chances that Note 5 may not launch due to not so much changes in hardware segment. But there is a chance to change in Note 5 with bezel less screen with dual camera which may affect the business of Xiaomi MI A1. Why Xiaomi Mi A1 is best in budget segment?

Nokia 9 Coming Soon- Nokia is doing very hard to setup itself in competitive market of smartphone. After launching their flagship Smartphone Nokia 8, now they are ready to grab latest trend of 2017 i.e. bezel-less screen and dual camera. Nokia 9 will have OLED display and bezel less screen. According to latest leaks of Nokia 9, fingerprint sensor will place at back side of phone. It is quite possibility that Nokia 9 will launch in January of 2018.

Facebook Face Recognition- Sometime people share other person photo on their news feed and also used as profile picture. Now Facebook is ready to tackle this issue with introducing Facebook recognition. According to director of Facebook, you can easily reach to those people who are using your picture on Facebook Social Platform.


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