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Five Things to remember before buying a Smartphone

Now Smartphone market is rapidly changing. At least, After two years, every smartphone become ancient piece of metal and glass. Now I am talking about some cool things which you can keep in mind before buying or selecting a Smartphone. Budget- Frankly speaking, Now a days budget segment is very tight to choose best smartphone in comparison of durability of smartphone. If you are thinking to keep you smartphone for at least 2-3 three years, then I will suggest you that you should spend at least Rs.20000+ on your smartphone. You can also get some interesting cool features in less than Rs. 20K but you will not get a capable hardware to handle these specs. Now a days, Oppo and Vivo are spreading everywhere and most of the people are criticize their handset because their cost is not worthy. You can get a better hardware in a price of Vivo V7/V7+. Common Usage/MultiTakser- After choosing you budget, now choose your work and usage of Smartphone. When you decide your core usage of your smartp…

Top Tech News Today-(New Whatsapp Feature, In display finger print sensor, Nokia 5 Oreo Update, Xiaomi Offline Market, Flipkart Sale)

Lets Start with security feature of future,

finger print
In-Display Finger Print Sensor- As we know that all smartphone has start premium security feature including face recognition, iris scanner, finger print scanner. Due to bezel less display, Finger print sensor has placed to back of phone, it becomes very hectic to use it specially in S8, S8 plus and Note 8 due to Camera, heart rate sensor and finger print sensor in same plane. Last year, Qualcomm has successfully placed finger print sensor under display which is launched in a demo of Vivo smartphone.  This year Qualcomm has launched new processor to tackle bio-metrics in Snapdragon 845.

Xiaomi Offline Market- Xiaomi who have breaks all records of smartphone selling in India through digital store. This is quite possiblity that Xiaomi soon will join Offline market. Deepak Nakra who was working with Samsung India as Director of Sales has joined Xioami. Xiaomi has target to open 1500 offline store soon across country. Now Xiaomi has limited store in metro city.

Oreo for Nokia- Nokia 8 has gotten final build of Oreo 8 while Nokia 5 also ready for beta tester of Nokia 5. As you know that Nokia has promised that all varient of Nokia will get Oreo, their flagship variant also grabbed Oreo update.

New Whatsapp Features-  Whatsapp is changing rapidly, Now whatsapp is ready for Picture in Picture mode. Presently you can reply for any picture with only text or emojis but now you can reply for picture with picture also. 

Xiaomi MiA1 offer- After launching Honor 7x, Xiaomi MiA1 is under depression, Xiaomi has slashed out Rs.1000 for Mi A1 permanently. Xioami Mi A1 having Pure android 7.1, Snapdragon 625 and dual camera with 2x optical zoom, now available for Rs.12999. If you want to buy it click here


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