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Five Things to remember before buying a Smartphone

Now Smartphone market is rapidly changing. At least, After two years, every smartphone become ancient piece of metal and glass. Now I am talking about some cool things which you can keep in mind before buying or selecting a Smartphone. Budget- Frankly speaking, Now a days budget segment is very tight to choose best smartphone in comparison of durability of smartphone. If you are thinking to keep you smartphone for at least 2-3 three years, then I will suggest you that you should spend at least Rs.20000+ on your smartphone. You can also get some interesting cool features in less than Rs. 20K but you will not get a capable hardware to handle these specs. Now a days, Oppo and Vivo are spreading everywhere and most of the people are criticize their handset because their cost is not worthy. You can get a better hardware in a price of Vivo V7/V7+. Common Usage/MultiTakser- After choosing you budget, now choose your work and usage of Smartphone. When you decide your core usage of your smartp…

Top Tech News(Oreo for LG, Facebook and Aadhar, whatsapp emoji,Redmi 5A RAM)

Lets start with Facebook

Link Your Facebook with Aadhar- Facebook is a worldwide famous social networking website which have accounts more than population of world. As you know that Facebook is ready to introduce Facebook recognition technology to identify you anywhere in Facebook. As per latest Facebook news about facebook that they want to start Aadhar linking for new Facebook account creation and also want that account holder should have name like in "Aadhar" for easy identification in Facebook.

Whatsapp Middle Finger Emoji-  

 Whatsapp has middle finger emoji in his whatsapp messaging app which is an inappropriate gesture or symbol for public use. A Delhi based lawyer sent a legal notice to Whatsapp to remove this app due to it is an offensive act in India. As per IPC 354 and 509, showing offensive gesture to females is crime. As per section 6 of Criminal justice Act of IRELAND, showing middle finger is a offensive act. for more in whatsapp

Oreo For LGV30- Everyone is now waiting for OREO update for their latest devices, LG flagship of 2017 V30 is ready to update OREO for their devices.It is a stable version of OREO.

Redmi 5A-  A super budget beast of Xiaomi Redmi 5A is now available with 3GB RAM and selling offline. After this Redmi 4A has now become completely dead in budget segment.  Complete details of Redmi 5A


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