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Five Things to remember before buying a Smartphone

Now Smartphone market is rapidly changing. At least, After two years, every smartphone become ancient piece of metal and glass. Now I am talking about some cool things which you can keep in mind before buying or selecting a Smartphone. Budget- Frankly speaking, Now a days budget segment is very tight to choose best smartphone in comparison of durability of smartphone. If you are thinking to keep you smartphone for at least 2-3 three years, then I will suggest you that you should spend at least Rs.20000+ on your smartphone. You can also get some interesting cool features in less than Rs. 20K but you will not get a capable hardware to handle these specs. Now a days, Oppo and Vivo are spreading everywhere and most of the people are criticize their handset because their cost is not worthy. You can get a better hardware in a price of Vivo V7/V7+. Common Usage/MultiTakser- After choosing you budget, now choose your work and usage of Smartphone. When you decide your core usage of your smartp…

Top Trends of Technology in 2017(Bezel-less display,OLED display, No Home Button, Aadhaar,Jio)

Lets us take a look of top trends of technology in 2017.First of all

Bezel-Less Display- Most of companies has started to make bezel-less display smartphone. While Xiaomi did not change so much in Mi Mix 2, Apple introduced a new full screen display. A new concept had also seen with "Essential Phone" which have one front camera space in display.

Aadhaar Linkage-  This year also government spent most of time to link with different schemes. Sometime Supreme court also confused about the Aadhaar Policy implementation of government and issue fresh guidelines time to time.

Jio or Khul Ke Jio-  This year also start with some amazing offer of Jio. Jio started this with Happy New Year , Jio Summer surprise offer, Jio Dhan dhanan Dhan offer. Jio also introduced smart features phone with effective price of zero.

iPhone X- Apple introduced a new smartphone called "iPhone X" which worth is more than "Rs.100000". Now Apple is only one which is making most expensive smartphone. With iPhone X, Apple started the use of OLED display, AI, AR technology and first smartphone which is using 3D face recognition technology. Apple also started a new trend with iPhone X that is 60FPS video recording in 4k.

No Home Button- Samsung started no home button concept with Samsung S8 and S8 plus. After that Apple removed their touch ID and One Plus also remove their home button in OnePlus5t.

BitCoin- This year cryptocurrency also tended to a new height. It become a very hype in last month broke all the previous record. 

Dual- Camera- This year most of all smartphone brand introduce their dual-camera smartphone. Xioami launch MiA1 in budget segment with 2X while Honor 7x introduce wide aperture mode to get shallow depth of field.


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