Five Things to remember before buying a Smartphone

Now Smartphone market is rapidly changing. At least, After two years, every smartphone become ancient piece of metal and glass. Now I am talking about some cool things which you can keep in mind before buying or selecting a Smartphone.
  1. Budget- Frankly speaking, Now a days budget segment is very tight to choose best smartphone in comparison of durability of smartphone. If you are thinking to keep you smartphone for at least 2-3 three years, then I will suggest you that you should spend at least Rs.20000+ on your smartphone. You can also get some interesting cool features in less than Rs. 20K but you will not get a capable hardware to handle these specs. Now a days, Oppo and Vivo are spreading everywhere and most of the people are criticize their handset because their cost is not worthy. You can get a better hardware in a price of Vivo V7/V7+. 
  2. Common Usage/MultiTakser- After choosing you budget, now choose your work and usage of Smartphone. When you decide your core usage of your smartphone, It may reduce your budget to get the best deal. Most of budget segmented smartphone have 12mp camera and also have same features. If you are an internet surfer or fond of watching video on Youtube than your budget also can go in deep. Because now there are a lot of budget segment smartphone which can gives you better Internet surfing experience and watching video experience. If your Usage is limited to Facebook,whatsapp,Youtube,gmail,random photo clicking, and Arcade gaming then you can get best smartphone in less than Rs.7000. 
  3. Camera Smartphone- This is one key feature which can raise your budget for better mobile photography experience. Now Google Pixel 2 have best camera in smartphone industry which have cost of Rs.61000. Before buying a smartphone in flagship range, you should learn the mobile photography. There are a lot of smartphone which have same specs which is provide in flagship smartphone. If you are a new comer in mobile photography, then I will suggest you just try a mid range smartphone which have a decent specs(Checkout some best mid ranger). Because photography is an art and different from traditional photography. Before choosing an camera smartphone, you should keep in mind three things 1. Auto-focus Technology, 2. Aperture(lens Opening) 3. Manual control. To get a better experience of mobile photography, You should have editing habit. Because no mobile camera can provide you a desirable result to some limitation with smartphone such as fixed focal length. To understand more about smartphone camera you can watch my video on Youtube which my help you.
  4. Hardware or Chip-set- Latest hardware does not mean, it is best. Now I will talk about you usage. Every chip-set and processor have different applicability to handle your task. Some chip-set can perform in camera segment and some can perform in gaming. Before choosing a chip-set, just check out the specification of that Chip set and it performing in different are which is claimed by manufacturing company. Most of the time, we purchase a chip-set which can provide you better camera experience and we are blaming it for poor performance in Gaming. This is main reason that most of handset warm up during such activity.
  5. RAM/Application Management/Updates & Battery-  After choosing a good chip set as per your usage, I promise that 2-3GB is enough for multi-tasking. Apple have 3GB RAM in their device since last year, before they are using only 2GB, but they are beast in performance of smartphone just because of their best application management setup. Always choose latest operating system because it will provide a long term support with application and their security patches. Most of Apps does not work in old operating system and also consume more RAM and battery. If you have limited apps in your smartphone than 3000mAH battery is enough for you. Always avoid such app which are using background data, they are just using you and your device to sell advertisement. These Apps always a hurdle in App management and device drainage.


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