Top 5 Features of Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ -demand by a user

leaks of Samsung S9
If You are continuously following me, I have discussed already that some mobile trends for 2018. Apple iPhone X is top rival for Samsung not only in beauty but also in specification. Latest a box has  leaked which show some specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Display- Samsung is very old in edge to edge display. Samsung display is very vibrant,curved and bright. But Samsung does not make any changes in display since Galaxy S6. Apple iPhone X present a new concept for flagship display. It is quite possibility that S9 display will be different from S8. 

Camera-  There is no doubt that Samsung has best camera segment with their dual pixel auto focus technology. But Pixel 2 is also providing same technology with better user experience. Also most of Smartphone are now using Dual camera system. I am using Note 8 which have live focus system but it is not quite impressive. Camera is one where Samsung should make a mark. Apple iPhone X is capable to shoot on 60FPS with 4K resolution. No phone is providing this type of configuration. 

Face Recognition - Samsung has also introduced Face recognition technology in S8/S8+. But Samsung Face recognition does not work in low light condition. As per leaks, Samsung is ready to introduced IRIS scanner in S9 but IRIS scanner has also same problem that it does not work properly in low light condition. While Apple iPhone X also have FACE ID which is only security system but it is made for low light condition. Samsung will definitely give answers for all questions which is raising for Samsung Smartphone security system.

Stereo Speakers - Apple have Stereo speakers but samsung does not have till date. It is time to provide stereo speakers system instead of mono. Samsung should also improved their voice experience in S9.

Snapdragon 845- Snapdragon 845 is latest chipset by Qualcomm which have dedicated Neural Engine to control face recognition, fast response, and shoot high end video including 4k on 60FPS. Now Huwaei have most powerful chipset with dedicated neural engine after Apple A11. There is no such option for samsung instead of adoption of Snapdragon 845.  


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