Android app that will change your mobile photography experience

I am so much enthusiastic to click photography by mobile camera. Here I am sharing four apps which makes me good to better in mobile photography. Before going a head you can follow me on:- Instagram or photoblog.

  1. Snapseed- Snapseed is very common app for editing of mobile photograph. You can say that it is a generic app from Google which have pre-installed filter or effects. You can make or edit photograph as you want. It have all basic and pro tools for editing a photograph but if you want to some new design frames or filter for your photograph which can make your photograph more attractive for social media platform, then it will disappoint you. Snapseed is a very basic app you should much before editing in Snapseed. 
    Lovely morning pic edited in Snapseed
  2. PhotoDirector- Photodirector is another app which I am using for last year. This is another very interesting which have similar features like Snapseed but some of its features is paid. It have only common features which is using now a days like background blur or overlay. Free version of this app can reduce your photo size. If you want to keep resolution safe then you should choose Paid version.
  3. Adobe Photoshop FiX- While Snapseed have all features to edit photo in mobile but if want to remove some object then I prefer Adobe Photoshop which good control to remove unwanted objects. Below Instagram picture is clicked by Samsung Note 8 and have a lot electric wire which is fixed by this app.  
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  5. Camera Mx- This is a camera App which have a lot filter which can check live before clicking any picture. You can shoot live photo, past live shoot, funny faces, and many more but unfortunately it is a paid app and most of filter are paid. Below splash is clicked by this App
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  7. Pola Camera- Pola Camera another Paid app which can be used for pre installed filter, face swap, and clone. You can make clone of a person and things while all remain constant. But it is not only paid but also costly, if you want to use free version of this app, the experience will be annoying due to lot of advert on home screen. But after subscribing for paid version, you can enjoy a lot unique feature which can your mobile photography experience better.
You can download all apps from Google Play Store.


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