Top Features that you will fall in Love with Samsung S9/S9 Plus

In MWC 2018, Samsung Has launched their new smartphone flagship called, Samsung S9 and S9 Plus. Samsung have same design as S8 and S8 Plus but makes a tremendous change in Hardware.
Let's start with
  • Variable or Dual Aperture- This is my wish list from Samsung which makes true in Samsung S9. I am fan of Samsung after using their S7 edge camera. S9 have dual aperture from 1.5 -2.4. This has widest opening smartphone in industry. You can get amazing result in low light or artificial lighting conditions.
  • Super Slow- motion-  Samsung has introduced Super Slow- mo in S9 with 960FPS which is previously provide by SONY. 
  • Powerful Chip set- Samsung has powered by  Snapdragon 845 which is most powerful chip-set now a days which is launched by Qualcomm in late 2017. 
  • 4k @ 60FPS- SD 845 is powerful chip-set which makes possible to shoot 4K on 60FPS. Which is recently launched in Apple iPhone X. 
  • Super AMOLED Display- If you think that Apple has best display named, Retina then you are wrong. Samsung Super AMOLED display is best in industry in comparison of contrast, brightness, color, pixel. You will reach next level of experience. 
  • Bixby Improvement- Samsung has improved its Bixby and machine learning in S9 with dedicated neural engine in SD 845. But I am using bixby in my Note 8, bixby want more improvement to compete Apple Siri, Google Assistant due to lots of data experience of these virtual assistant.
  • Stereo Speaker- For a good experience of smartphone sound, Samsung has introduced DOLBY ATOMS sound for stereo speaker.  
  • AR Emoji- Mostly smartphone manufacturer has launched this AI features in their smartphone. This work also finished by third party App but all have too much ads which makes their experience. Samsung also launched AR emoji to make AVATAR of yourself.
  • Price- definitely, all features of S9 you can get in Apple iPhone X but you not in price less than iPhone X. Samsung smartphone is value for money, you will get amazing experience with less than Rs. 30000 in comparison of iPhone X.


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