Great War between honor Play and Mi A2

Recently, Honor Play and Xiaomi Mi A2 is launched in India. Most of People are talking that Mi A2 is expensive and some people are saying that Honor Play may be more better. Now We will discuss some point here and conclude,whom should buy Honor Play and Mi A2?

Design: Definitely Honor Play get full marks in this segment. It have latest notch display with minimal bezel in screen. While Mi A2 have also bezel less display but bezel are not so much thin. Notch is also absent in Mi A2.   
Software: - Both are running on Android Oreo but Honor play have customized UI while Mi A2 is working on Stock android. There is a lot possibility that Mi A2 will get Android P update. At least , your phone will not get old for next one year. There is winner of Mi A2. Mi A2 will get security patches from Google faster than Honor Play.
Battery: Honor Play have 3750 mAH battery and Mi A2 have just 3000mAH. It is not possible to run long for Mi A2 in battery segment. Mi A2 do not have 3.5mm headphone jack, you will have to  use bluetooth headphone or 3.5mm connector. You can not use same thing at a time. Now honor play is winner.
Camera: Honor camera's is not so much impressive, I have used Honor 7X camera, It is perform good not so much as we expect now a days. Mi A2 is successor of Mi A1, now AI camera has replaced telephoto lens in Mi A2. Mi A2 have (20+12)mp dual camera setup which makes good picture. But AI camera is not all thing, Xiaomi post a picture which is clicked by Mi A2, which is disaster story of Mi A2 camera. But don't forget that we are in mid-range budget segment, hence Mi A2 is slightly better than Honor Play.

Chipset- This is another thing which makes honor play best, have Kirin hi-silicon 970 which is based on 10nm technology. You should not forget that 10nm technology is using only in flagship level phone. Due to this, Honor play will perform well and give better battery life. While Mi A2 is running on Snapdragon 660 which is based on 14nm technology. Due to Kirin 970, your phone will perform good for at least next year in gaming segment.

Which one Should I buy?
Honor play is made for Gamer and Mi A2 is made for all. But you can not run high end games in Mi A2, may not get good blurry effect in Honor Play. Choose your priority between selfie and games, then choose one between honor Play and Mi A2


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