Top Five Reasons:- Mi A2 is not worthy

Xiaomi Mi A2 is another smartphone launched by company with Android One program.  I will tell five reason which will justify that Mi A2 is not worthy. Lets start with
  • Body and Design: Now Notch display or bezel-less display is trending for last year, but Xiaomi does neither provide bezel-less display in Mi A1 nor notch display in Mi A2. It is very disappointed that less than Rs.10000 are having notch display now a days.
  • AI based camera:- Last time , Xiaomi is using telephoto lens for 2X zoom which is also helping for cool blur effect in pictures. But this time, change the strategy and use AI based camera due to which software will distinguish subject and background. My experience said that AI based camera is not performing in high light and low light. Camera left that corner of subject and include them as part of subject and does not blur with background. Camera bump is placed outside very much from body which makes uncomfortable or daily usage. Due to big bump of camera, It is quite sure that camera life is very short.It can be stuck and get scratch easily.
  • Price Segment- Price segment is very tricky, it is available for Rs.16,999, now a days Xiaomi is becoming very expensive for budget lover. Now a days, Asus and Honor has launched not better but for less than price of Mi A2, I will call that they are best. If any one ask me about how much I will for Mi A2, Just less than Rs.10000
  •  No Headphone Jack- No headphone jack is available in Mi A2, As a phone user headphone is a necessity because we use mobile phone for calling, If we use Bluetooth wireless for entertainment purpose then we must buy a power-bank also. A new smartphone have a good battery life but does not perform well after six month in battery segement.
  • Low Battery- Xiaomi Mi A2 have less than battery life of Mi A2 lite which is not launched in India but lite version is cheaper than Mi A2. No headphone jack and low battery, no one can understand, what are they doing with this combination? 


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