Difference between iPhone X (2017) and iPhone X(s) (2018)

Apple has already launched their new iPhone of 2018 which is called iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. iPhone XR is cheapest version which is launched in 2018 by Apple. Now we will talk about the iPhone XS and old one iPhone X.

First we take some minor changes:
  • FACE ID- Now Apple has improved FACE ID algorithm to work fast and efficiently. This is upgrade until Apple provide it to Apple X because this is software enhancement which can be easily implement in iPhone X also.
  • Camera- iPhone X and iPhone XS has same camera hardware but enhanced in software for iPhone XS to support smart HDR in video and photos. Control the depth of photo by software even after click. 
  • Storage Capacity: Now iPhone XS is giving 512Gb storage variant. 
  • Water Proof: iPhone XS is first smartphone from Apple which is waterproof with rating of IP68, means this device will work underwater.
  • Smart HDR: Smart HDR is enhanced version of Auto HDR which will also work in video. 
Now major changes:
  • Chipset: Apple new chip-set has A12 bionic chip which is more powerful due to dedicated core are available for GPU, AR and performance.
  • Dual Sim: Apple has launched dual SIM technology with iPhone XS. Now you can use two sim, one is nano sim and other is esim. 
  • Price: Now Starting price of iPhone X is 91900 and iPhone XS is 99900 for 64GB variant.


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