Full Camera Review of Infinix Note 5- Is a budget beast?

Infinix has launched their next smartphone called "Note 5". This is a budget killer with lot features. Here we are talking about only camera segment of this smartphone. First we will talk about Rear camera:

In Rear we are getting 12MP camera f/2.0. By the camera specifications, You can easily understand the rear camera have sufficient amount of pixel count to develop a perfect image by a mobile sensor. But company does not do any work on this segment. Company claims that camera is AI powered but effect of AI is not showing in picture quality.

Most of time ,does not take focus , and focus near by the object when we tap on screen. Camera is not getting the details of object, you we are unable to zoom and crop the picture.

In above picture, camera is unable to find the subject or getting details of it. I am unable to crop or Zoom the photo.

What will you say about the above picture? Which is clicked in full natural sunlight but the vibrancy is missing in this picture. Now you can check out the same picture after editing in @Snapseed.

Check out some good photo of this camera;

Above picture is showing that you can not click the close object.Camera will give you the best result for landscapes. Some more perfect shot below:

Now lets talk about the 16mp front camera with f/2.2, due to more pixel count you can easily find the difference and value of pixel count in budget segment .

Lets talk about the bokeh mode of this smartphone. I will explain this in a single word "Impressive". I tried in low light conditions and get impressive result in this budget segment.

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