Reasons to watch "Yeh Meri Family"

There will be many originals shows are available on internet platform like YouTube which you watch regularly but these are free. I am talking about the show " Yeh meri family" which is originals creation by TVF which was a YouTube channel, now a production and creating a lot of paid content which is available on "TVFPLAY" App. 

Today, I watch the season- 1 which consists seven episode, tells the story of younger brother and elder one who is preparing for IIT entrance exam and for preparation going to KOTA, famous Bansal Classes. I will not go the story of this show, but summarize in some points.

  1. When you watch the all the seven episode, you will remember your brother, either younger or elder. You will try to relate something common between the character of show and yourself, father,mother,sister. A very common dialogue from a mother "दुनिया के भी तो बच्चे है और एक हमारे बच्चे"
  2. An over guided friend which may be topper or not. A love guru friend who do not have any girlfriend but provide you lot inspiration through tips and tricks.
  3. Harmon changing in body and parents reaction, you will the things and realize that what I left behind you. you will check you energy level and courage on those days.
  4. May be, you have forgotten the first face expression with first crush, you will shy after watching this.
  5. Acting of child actor is amazing. Story line will impress.
  6. This is a family show without any vulgar language and double meaning dialogue. 


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