Samsung Note 9 V/s Apple iPhone Xs Max

Samsung Note 9

Apple has launched their big display smartphone called iPhone Xs Max. Samsung has already launched their next level note called Note 9. Both smartphone have big display and have powerful chip inside. While Note 9 have one year old Snapdragon 845 and iPhone have latest A12 bionic chip which is based on 7nm technology, which is first in the Industry as commercially. 

Display: Samsung Note 9 have 6.4" massive super Amoled display(2960X1440) with 561ppi, on other hand iPhone Xs Max have 6.5" OLED display(2688 x 1242) with 458ppi. Both display have vibrant color and amazing brightness. 

Camera: Note 9 have revolutionary camera with dual aperture and dual camera setup. Both camera are optically stabilized. Both have 12MP pixel count. Front camera also have 8MP with aperture f/1.7. You can shoot super slomo (720P @ 960fps) and 4K @ 60fps. 
Now talks about iPhone XS max camera have 12MP pixel count have aperture of f/1.8 for primary camera and f/2.4 for secondary camera.Software have worthy upgrade from iPhone X and now have Super HDR in video also. Camera can shoot video 4K @24FPS, 30FPS, 60FPS. iPhone have 7mp front camera with dot camera to work well in low light condition and portrait mode in front camera.

Operating System: New iPhone XS max is running on iOS 12 and Note 9 is running on Android Oreo. 

Memory and Storage: iPhone XS max have 4GB of RAM while Note 9 have 6GB/8GB. Note 9 have128 Gb base storage variant with an option of memory card slot which support 512GB. While iPhone XS max have 64GB base storage which can be maximum 512GB storage variant.   

USP of BOTH: Samsung Note 9 have extra advantage due to S-pen, headphone jack, and micro SD card slot.while iPhone XS max have lack of these which may restricted it to as a multimedia gaming device. iPhone XS max have powerful processor which have dedicated cores to handle AI and machine learning. While Samsung note 9 is capable for these but it performance may be behind Apple due to one year old processor. 

Pricing : Note 9 have maximum pricing for 512GB is Rs. 84,900 while iPhone have more than one Lakh for 64GB.


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