Which one will be the future? Xiaomi VS Honor VS Realme

Online Seller of smartphone have tough competition among them in all fields like design, Specs and price. As we know that India is price centric market in which nothing matters before price. As we know that people buy #JIOPHONE on security deposit of Rs. 1500 just because of low rate, or even pre-order. 

Xiaomi is second company of Indian market which creates competition among player. Second because mircomax is first which makes mobile phone affordable for all. But now Xiaomi is now on declining mode. Here I am listing some points to prove myself.
  1. Every smartphone have same design. You can not identify the smartphone of Xiaomi from back cover of it. Same camera module either vertical or horizontal and fingerprint scanner is placed on same position in every model, even in new Redmi 6 series also.
  2. Common specifications, while there is a lot of competition in specification field especially in chip-set. Xiaomi is trying again and again their lucky one Snapdragon 625. I think that Xiaomi have lot of stock of Snapdragon 625 and common body frames. 
  3. New Redmi 6A, It is available in Rs. 5,999. If you compare it with Infinix Smart 2, you will realize that Xiaomi is  late for DUAL VoLTE in budget smartphone. Another game is that there is not dual VOLTE in Redmi 6 Pro.  In series of Redmi 6, Xiaomi confused the customer that between processor , NOTCH and DUAL VOLTE. Xiaomi thinks that people who can pay Rs.10000+ , they will not use DUAL VOLTE in same smartphone. They will buy another piece.
  4. Nothing new from last year, Infinix Note 5 have android one with fast charging under Rs.10000 while Xiaomi budget and mid ranger does not have fast charging. Smartphone which will support fast charging, there is not fast charger in box. 
  5. Colorful smartphone, Honor create a trend of colorful smartphone and Realme makes another beautiful design which makes smartphone awesome. While Xioami smartphone is coming with Just Gold, Black, and Red with traditional plane back.
  6. Xiaomi should set a standard for their smartphone that every smartphone will have dual VOLTE, fast Charger, and dedicated micro-SD card slot. Xiaomi has announced 128GB variant of Mi  A2 but why, 64Gb is enough for APPS and games, provide dedicated SD card slot for saving pictures.
  7. Realme and HONOR is new brand which is rapidly growing. There is quite possibility that they will capture Xiaomi market soon due to their new colorful design and attractive specs.      


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