Reviews| Badaahi Ho Director Sahab Ko! Paise Vasool Karane ke Liye


Badaahi Ho is story of middle class railway employee Jitendra and his wife Priyawanda. Couple have already two son one is working in Godrej and another one is studying intermediate. At the age of retirement, they got the Good news from Priyawanda. Societal situation, relations and relative, kids problem and age issue are co-related with this upcoming baby in movie. Definitely this is a very taboo topic to have child at the age of retirement. But Priyawanda decide to give birth this baby. 


Badaahi Ho is family comedy movie which have no vulgar dialogue and Hit- run comedy.  After a long time, you will see a situational comedy and understand the dialogue by their face expression. Watch the #bhasad of Delhi and #Raula of meerut at time. Some dialogues are mind blowing which kills you by laughter. First half of this movie, raise the taboo situation in the movie inside the family after that we see the awkward reaction of relatives. While the Ayushmaan is not in lead role but he display the perfect taboo reaction on theater. This is must watch movie for a while.


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