Top New Features of Google Pixel 3

Google has launched their new Pixel device called Pixel 3. If you are thinking that there will be something new in this device, there is a big no in terms of Hardware. But there are a lot of improvement in Pixel 3 which may be considered for a new device or upgrade.  Buy it From Flipkart

Price: This is the second costliest device in India after Apple. It is listed on flipkart with starting price of Rs. 71000. WTF!, It comes with same Snapdragon 845, same 12mp Rear camera with dual Auto-Pixel technology, wireless charging and glass body. There are a lot of smartphone which are giving you in a very low price. 

Wide Angle Front Camera(Group Selfie Cam)- Google Pixel 3 have a dedicated wide angle front camera to click group selfie. You can also find this concept in a mid -ranger. That's why Google Pixel 3 have wide notch which looks so ugly.

Next AI(Super RES Zoom, Playground, Google Lens)- Google has enhance the AI capability of Google Pixel 3 and introduced next generation of emojis and AI stickers. With Google Pixel 3, you can interact with AI character and also share emotion with them. Google used machine learning to enhance the zoom capability of photos, depth of field in portrait mode.
Pixel 3 focus on improvement of Brust Shot and called it Top Shot. You can select the best moment from the lot photo and software also select it and called Top Shot. 

Enhanced Low Light Photography(Night Sight)- Google has introduced next level of photography in low light condition in which Google Pixel 3 identified the color and lighting of object due to which Low light photos gives incredible results. 

Screen Call-Google introduces a new features of call screening with help of Google AI or Google assistant whom is calling you. You can easily check whether is important or not.  

Wireless Charging - Google Pixels have very fast charging but now Pixel 3 have wireless charging and introduce new product Pixel stand. 

Titan Security: Google Pixel 3 have dedicated chip from Titan for securing you data and privacy. 

Opinion and Review: Google Pixel 3 have lot improvement in camera section because their Google Pixel 2 have best camera in the market due to good use of AI capability of Google engine. But these all features expect wireless charging and Titan security can be available in Google Pixel and Pixel 2 by a software update. There is no changes in hardware segment like, dual rear camera, in-display fingerprint, Google Pixel 3 look a like xerox of Google Pixel 2. Frankly this is very costly smartphone, no one can give lot of bucks for just software improvement.


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