Why does the One Plus is best in this Festive Season?

If you are looking for a good device with Snapdragon 845, there are few options like Poco F1, One Plus 6, Samsung S9, LG G7 + Thinq, Asus Zenphone 5Z. All these smartphone have Snapdragon 845 with latest feature but Poco F1 is the cheapest one and Samsung S9 is costliest.
What will you think about One Plus in Just Rs. 30000? Checkout the some features which Asus Zenphone and Poco F1 does not have.

  1. Design : One Plus have great design and provide us premium feeling in the budget Flagship. Poco F1 have very low cost but it is made of plastic which is out dated material now a days.OnePlus is only flagship killer which is made of Glass.
  2. Android Pie- One Plus is only one which provide update of Android P first. One Plus is a customer centric company that's why they are launching only device in a year . They listen the customer provide it soon as per market trend. 
  3. WireLess Charging:- This is  provided by OnePlus only if you are looking for Flagship Killer.. It is available in Samsung and LG but they are costly. Wireless Fast charging gives you an amazing experience.
  4. Camera-  As Xiaomi, One Plus is another copy cat of Apple, They provide you the camera features of Apple in their camera module with more Megapixels. 
  5. Fast Charging: - Oneplus provides most powerful charging in flagship series which they called dash charging. 


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