Poco F2 | What do Fans want to update in Next ?

PocoF1 is really a good smartphone and get a good response from all around the world. There may be Pros and cons of device but look Rs.21000, all cons can't seen with this price spectacles.

Definitely, it is hard to choose you priority among a lot features in smartphone and definitely you can not but all features in affordable pricing. Now Samsung A9 have four camera, and Huawei Mate 20 have reversible wireless charging. Think twice can you get all the features in a high end smartphone Definitely not, even iPhone XS does not have maximum specification which is available in Android market. Lets listed out some features must be introduced in new PocoF2. 
  1. Design- Please Poco Team does not compromise with design. You must be happy for your first sale but you know that you will buy device in first sale mostly tech blogger. They just buy the device for writing blog and making review. Any user, who is spending Rs.21000, they want also premium feel. Please go with metal body in next #PocoF2.
  2. 40w Charging - Fast Charging is good but nobody wants to stick with charging port in those days. While 40W charging is possible, why should not be add up in next pocoF2?
  3. BezelLess- Xiaomi is failure in premium segment because they does not have any USP like OnePlus. Kindly go through the bezelless display because chin of PocoF1 was really bad.
  4. Storage- Storage variant from 64GB is good but start with 128GB with microSD card. 
  5. Avoid Wireless Charging- OnePlus is becoming very costly just because of this features due to this shift to glass body.
  6. Avoid Front Dual Camera - Most of brand has moved to front dual camera, it seems very awkward for front camera.


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