Samsung Exynos 9820| Features |Launch Date |Devices

Samsung is another brand who is launching new chip for their upcoming devices. As we know that market is waiting for Samsung S10, simply means something new for industry. Hence Samsung taking first step towards it by launching their new Exynos 9820. It is coming on this 14th november 2018. Lets Check out some cool features of this device  

  1. 7nm Chipset- Samsung is introducing 7nm chipset because Apple, Huawei has already launched their chipset with 7nm technology. Qualcomm is ready and in testing stage will come soon with Snapdragon of 7nm chipset
  2.  NPU units- Apple A11 is deca-core processor which powerful neural engine and dedicated core it. It is quite possibility that Samsung Exynos 9820 will have dual NPU units. 
  3. AI engine- AI is present and it is future also, this time samsung will improve their AI capability with this new Chip, may be a dedicated engine will present in Exynos.
  4. 5G Modem- Mediatek and Huawei has already launched their 5G capability chipset, Samsung new beast will have 5G modem because in upcoming we are ready to get 5G connectivity.
  5. Camera Capability - Samsung have big challenge to improve and enhance their camera capability with this chipset and may be use AI features in camera post processing. 
  6. Power Efficient- Exynos 9820 is based on 7nm technology which will increase performance and consume less power.


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